Anonymous says: *looks at you and takes your hand in mine squeezing it* look baby, it doesn't matter what your friends think, just as long as were happy that's all that counts right? I mean it's not like they're in the relationship with us. We obviously know what were doing, I promise they will get their heads around it, this is about me you and the baby. I love you so much please don't be having second thoughts. *leans over and kisses your cheek* -Niall

*i smile softly* I’m not having second thoughts, I promise. It’s just a little upsetting I guess. But, you’re right, it’s you and I and I love you and we’re in this together.

Anonymous says: "You're my favourite person in the world, and I love you so much." I said as I stroked your jaw gently. ((Like that))

OMG i think i like it! i could try it

Anonymous says: Why are you sighing? *looks at you worriedly* I thought you were okay with this pregnancy? *frowns* -Niall

I am! I definitely am, Ive never been happier. It’s just that my friends aren’t. At all. I could tell.

Anonymous says: Have you considered changing the format of your rolplay?

wait whaaaaat

Anonymous says: *starts eating the pizza then looks at the tv and frowns getting up to turn it on* *goes back to the couch to sit back down looking for the remote* here baby what do you want on? -Niall

*shrugs* It doesn’t matter, I’ll watch anything. *i put my hand on my tummy and sigh*

Anonymous says: *hums happily, tucking your hair behind your ear, letting out a loud moan when you start to bob your head* such a good girl for daddy.

Mmmmhm *i hum around your cock and swirl my tongue, keeping eye contact*

Anonymous says: That's fine angel face. But you can't tease me like that again else you won't be cumming okay? *looks at you and smiles and pecks your head* -Niall

*i nod* got it. *i smile and kiss your cheek before taking a piece of pizza out of the box*!